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Welcome to Xpresso News

We are a local independent home news delivery business that specialises in providing quality newspaper/magazine delivery services to residential customers and local businesses in the North West Hampshire area, from our premises in Abbotts Ann Down near Andover.
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Home Delivery
  • We are able to supply 7 days a week, weekends only or single papers or magazines

  • We supply all magazine titles and local/regional newspaper titles

  • Delivery charge is per day regardless of how many papers or magazines delivered

  • Easy payments, bill delivered with your paper or via email at the end of the month. Payment can be made by cheque or electronically
  Business Delivery
  • We provide deliveries to local businesses in the area including offices, shops, hairdressing salons and public houses to name a few

  • We are able to provide newspapers/magazines for staff restaurants or retail outlets

  • Trade journals can be obtained

  • Easy monthly billing via cheque or BACS
Hotels and Public houses
  • We provide delivery services to a number of local hotels and public houses in the area

  • Hotels are able to call late in the evening and leave their requirements once the last guest has checked in for the day; delivery is made early next morning

  • Single monthly payment via Cheque or BACS
  Residential Care and Nursing homes
  • We provide delivery services to a number of residential nursing and care homes in the area

  • Each paper can be marked with the residents name or we just drop the required volume at an agreed location

  • We provide a single monthly statement for the business supported by individual statements for each resident
Employment opportunities:

Xpresso News are always looking for good people to join the team, if you are interested or know someone who may be interested contact Lee on 01264 710503
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Xpresso News - Newspaper and Magazine Delivery
Residential and Business deliveries covering North West Hampshire and surrounding areas.
Tel: 01264 710503
Email: info@xpressonews.co.uk
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